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Andrew Wakefield (born 1956) is a British former surgeon and medical researcher known for his fraudulent claims of a causative connection between the MMR vaccine (for measles, mumps and rubella), autism and inflammatory bowel disease, and for a well publicised 1998 study, that he led, that seemed to show that a connection existed.

Four years after the initial publication of the study, a study by other researchers failed to confirm or reproduce Wakefield's findings.[1] Subsequently, a 2004 investigation by Sunday Times reporter Brian Deer identified undisclosed financial conflicts of interest on Wakefield's part,[2] and most of his coauthors then withdrew their support for the study's interpretations.[3] The British General Medical Council (GMC) later announced an inquiry into allegations of misconduct against Wakefield and two former colleagues.[4] The investigation centered on Deer's numerous findings, including that autistic children were subjected to unnecessary invasive medical procedures,[5] such as colonoscopy and lumbar puncture, and that Wakefield acted without the required ethical approval from an institutional review board.

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